About us

Our Mission

MagnitudeAI intends to address societal healthcare issues. We also intend to use cutting-edge algorithms to advance artificial intelligence in the healthcare sector.

Our Vision

We create novel machine learning and deep learning technology to help the healthcare sector innovate by solving the challenges of chronic diseases.

Our Values

Our values influence business decisions, define our tradition, and drive our growth. Each day, we aspire to live our beliefs through our decisions and actions.

  1. Looking for Healthcare Problems
  2. Innovation to solve problems
  3. Solutions deployment
  4. Knows the value of a life of Human
  5. Transparency in Technology uses and to a human.

Leadership Team

Priyanka Gudade

Co-Founder / Director

Priyanka has assisted start up companies with her strategic knowledge to grow in competitive environment. In the currenr role she is taking care of day to day business operations for Magnitude AI that involves development and financial workout. She has already recognized for her work in women empowerment and entrepreneurship, she is proud to work alongside an incredible team of techies to drive innovation in healthcare and AI sectors. She has a BEng in Mechanical Engineering from Amravati University.

Adinath Ghadage


Adinath is a Machine Learning researcher at University of Aberdeen. His research focuses on fairness of Artificial intelligence. He also worked on numerous research project. He is passinate about solving most challenging problems using Al technology.

Rohit Jondhale

Co-Founder / Director

Rohit is a Biomedical Engineering expert, having years of experience to solve complex problems using Artificial Intelligence. He worked across multiple domains including Oil and Gas, Sales, and IT. He has a Master's Degree in Biomedical Engineering from the University of Southampton.

Shilraj Kolhe

Co-Founder / Director

Shilraj is an expert in Business Analytics and Market Research. He worked closely with professionals across all sectors to solve Business problems. Shilraj is a Master's Degree holder from Middlesex University in Project Management.